Baja Beer Fest in Ensenada, March 23, 2013


If you like beer and want to taste the best that Baja has to offer, you have to attend the 2013 Baja Beer Fest in Ensenada on Saturday, March 23, 2013 from 2pm to 6pm. There will be over 40 breweries attending. There will be a tasting of over 50 craft beers. The panel will be a mix of American and Mexican judges. This festival is designed to create awareness of the excellent Baja beer craft scene and highlight the great Baja cuisine. Pale Ales, Lagers, India Pale, Dark Lagers and a variety of beers will be featured here.

2012 Baja Beer Fest

2012 Baja Beer Fest

Some of Ensenada’s best restaurants will be attending as well so you can try some excellent Baja cuisine at this fest. The event will be held at the Civic and Cultural Social Center of Ensenada Riviera. There will also be live music at the event. It is highly recommended that you buy your tickets prior to the event. Tickets will be $20 and can be bought at the box office and also at the following places in Ensenada and Tijuana:


  • Pelicano Gastro Pub
  • Wendlandt Cerveceria
  • Old Mission Brewery
  • Cerveceria Costa Azul
  • Lien Logistics
  • Top Video
  • Icarus Wings
  • Oficina de ACABC Macroplaza
  • El Taller Restaurant


  • La Tasquita Bar
  • La Tasca Bar
  • La Querencia Restaurant
  • El Taller Restaurant
  • BCB Bar

Last year over 3,000 people attended the event and they expect close to 4,000 people to attend the March event.

This year the following breweries will be participating: Old Mission Brewery, Costa Azul, Canneria, Puerto Viejo, Ave Felix, Orgánica, Twin Fin 75, Bier Lab, Cerveza Tres B, Bösiger Beer, Sigala, B.M. Artisan, 8 Bit Brewers, Pan Lik, Todos Santos, Mx Cerveceria, Martain, Coyoacan, Medi®Perr®, Marinera Vicario, Kudos, Wendlandt Virgilio, Funes, Muñeca Prieta, Border Psycho Brewery, 686 Cerveceria, Blondeyes, Ramuri, Mi Cheve, Baja Craft Beers, Frontera, Hellixir, Silenus, Zesde, Crazy Bitch, Fauna, Amante, Legion, Peninsula, Centinela, Agua Mala, Monatika, Ley Seca Brewing, Malteria Santeria, Las Minas and Distrito Barra Publica.

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